Sunday, 14 September 2014

Christian Louboutin - Beaute Loubooutin - Rouge Louboutin

I had quite the anticipated wait when I found out that Christian Louboutin was coming out with a beauty product. From the second I saw a clip of 'something beautiful is coming' I checked day and night just to see what was going on. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014


My most popular blog post has been about Ben Nye Loose Powders which I blogged about here. I thought I would create a completely separate post where you guys can leave a comment/question below and I will be able to easily respond back.

This is because the post was written such a long time ago and since I've had so many emails that I haven't been able to keep up with them or reply to some. If you were one of my readers that didn't get a reply I am so so sorry. But please feel free to post a question and I will for sure respond here.

I will also be updating the post in the next few days and will repost it as new, I have a few other things to add which I've learnt over the past year whilst using Ben Nye Powders.

If there is anything you would like me to include in the post, leave a comment below and I'll address it.

Dyno x

Current makeup situation

You know what I like about my title? It's going to update my lovely followers on where I am 'Currently', my 'Makeup and the whole 'Situation' !!!

Come say hi because I'm about to bring some fun and life back to 'dynopupbeauty'.

I pretty much still wear the same makeup - not much has changed but the technique sure has! I think it's gotten better! Here's a look I've worn in all it's glory!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Zara Items for Sale

In the last couple of days whilst I was re-organising my wardrobes I came across all these cute Zara shoes I have that just don't get worn. Why? Over the last year I've noticed my shoe size has changed going from a size 4 to a 3.5 and so my shoes are fitting a lot looser. I know there are plenty of Zara lovers out there so I decided I was going to sell some of the shoes I have. I just don't wear them anymore. Two pairs are completely brand new and the rest have only been worn once max twice.

Holla at me if you want any more info:
All prices are final, Paypal only, £3.00 postage in UK.
International Buyers welcome, postage to be added.

Zara black studded slingback with gold spike detail - Size UK4/EURO37/US6.5

Condition: BRAND NEW with tags
Season: Spring/Summer 2013
Price: £39.99

Zara red pointed court shoe with ankle strap and studs on front - Size UK4/EUR37/US6.5

Condition: BRAND NEW with tags
Season: Fall/Winter 2012
Price: £39.99

Zara gold jewel studded ballerina with spike - Size UK4/EUR37/US6.5 SOLD

Condition: WORN ONCE without tags
Season: Fall/Winter 2012
Price: I paid £59.99 selling for £45.99

Zara black silver jewel studded ballerina with spike - Size UK4/EUR37/US6.5

Condition: WORN ONCE without tags
Season: Fall/Winter 2012
Price: I paid £59.99 selling for £45.99

Zara Basic Vamp Heel Shoe Burgundy - Size UK4/EUR37/US6.5

Condition: WORN ONCE without tags
Season: Fall/Winter 2012
Price: I paid £29.99 selling for £19.99

Zara Nude Crystal Studded Pointed Shiny Ballerina Flat - Size UK4/EUR37/US6.5

Condition: WORN ONCE without tags
Season: Fall/Winter 2013
Price: I paid £79.99 selling for £59.99

Zara blue jelly sandal with jewel detail - Size UK4/EUR37/US6.5

Condition: WORN TWICE without tags
Season: Spring/Summer 2012
Price: I paid £29.99 Selling for £19.99

Dyno x

Ummm...I'm Alive

Ok I disappeared for a couple of months but how many times have i come back with a post and been like "I'm here to stay bla bla!" ?? Shameful (SMH) So today without any excuse or promises I'm just gonna go with the flow and we will see what happens!

First up all is well and how are you all?

I still have my black hair no changes from when we last spoke and I've just been practicing my makeup application techniques. Do however look forward to some posts as the beauty side of things have still been in full swing !!! As you can see :)

Dyno x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Give Away Time!!!

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well! I had so many pleasant comments and messages plus emails regarding my hair care post here - I thought why not have a give away with two of my favorite products!

I have bought a bottle each of Coconut Oil and Almond Oil as a treat for you guys. Read below to see what you have to do if you want to win these!

1. You must be a follower of this blog, my Twitter and Instagram: @dynoprettypup
2. Comment below - 'Enter Me' and 'Why you should and want to win this'
3. And finally - 'What you would like to see featured on my blog'

A winner will be chosen with the best comment or feature suggestion - whichever one I like the best! Very simple and no random number pickings - just whoever catches my attention the most!

Good Luck!

Dyno x

Monday, 20 January 2014

For Sale: Zara Suede Studded City Bag - SOLD

I've had a couple of emails in regards to whether I am selling any makeup items or accessories. At first I thought no way not at the moment, but then a couple of emails prompted me to reconsider when it came to this particular accessory - the 'ZARA SUEDE STUDDED CITY BAG' featured here.

So many of you have emailed me regarding this particular bag and I went to my bag cupboard and pulled it out its box. Realising I have not once taken it out to use. It's still untouched, brand new with the tags still attached! Makes me feel sick to my stomach that it's not getting any love.

So yes finally I have decided to sell this item. It deserves to go to someone who will love it to pieces more than I do.

The retail price I paid for this bag is £79.99/$132.00, a used version on eBay caught my eye bidding at £80+/$150.00 and still the bidding for it is on going - plus you have to add more on top for postage and packing making the Zara bag retail for way more than what you would have paid at Zara itself!

I would appreciate that the price I paid for it is covered and that if you are interested please don't ask for a better offer. £79.99/$132.00 final price. I have enquired about the postage costs: £5/$10 due to it's weight being suede and chains.

Payment will be accepted by PayPal only. UK or International open.
Please email me on: or leave a comment below.

Dyno x

Monday, 13 January 2014

OPI 'Alpine Snow' Nail Lacquer

I've shared this nail lacquer before - it's OPI 'Alpine Snow' which is a simple bright clean white colour. Yes it reminds me of snow and the colour of my car which is also called 'Alpine'! Coincidence much? I think not when I picked it up I was like heyyyyyyy that matches!!!

What I am sharing is the shape of my nails today 'Squoval'- I use to have super square nails, then I got into pointed or rounded nails because they suit my fingers more, but today when I chose white as my polish colour I decided to have my nails filed down short as they were breaking more easily so I thought they needed to be reshaped and have a new gel coat applied on top to keep them staying strong.

And so I have 'Squoval Nails' - not too square but slightly oval/rounded off as well. I think it compliments the white colour better as it can look quite harsh when too pointed or too square.

Looks so pretty I've been glaring at my nails all day! White is such a clean colour I love it!

Dyno x